About the Author

Dr. Sapkota is a board certified physician specializing in Internal Medicine. He has been practicing medicine in the Midwest for the last eight years. He is currently working as a hospitalist taking care of sick patients admitted to the medical floor and the ICU. He is an active member of the American College of Physicians and the American Society of Hospital Medicine. He has published and presented many case reports in medical conferences throughout the United States.

He is an excellent diagnostician and a skilled clinical educator. He wants to bring his patient centered approach to teaching  to the general public and raise awareness of the ways doctors make the right diagnosis by exploring the symptoms. When people understand how doctors make diagnosis, it will eventually help them help their doctors by providing what they need to make the correct diagnosis.

Currently, he is working on a book that is based on hundreds of cases of real patients that he took care of in his medical practice. By using their stories as his teaching material, he will able to explain how diseases and their symptoms manifest in a real patient. He will contrast those with the traditional teaching methods where the symptoms of diseases are treated as lists of individual symptoms. The outline and objectives of the book are presented under the section The Book Project.

You are welcome to provide suggestions and comments about how he can improve the book to make it more useful and more interesting to the readers. If the publisher finds your comments or suggestions useful , your name may appear on the acknowledgement section of the book.

Thank you very much for reading and please let us know if there are ways to make this website more useful to you.

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