Jill Taylor

Jill Taylor is the author of My Stroke of Insight.The book begins with a heart breaking story, the story of a young scientist dedicated to understand the secrets of human brain because of a brother with mental health problems. Jill Taylor was so involved in her cause that she was actively looking for actual human brains: human brains from people with mental health problems to analyze the brain tissue in her lab to be able better understand the problem at the organ, tissue, neurochemical and even molecular level. Jill Taylor was driven by her desire to better understand the human brain to be able to help her brother and other people like her brother. Dr.Jill Taylor was willing to do anything and everything to be able to better understand the human brain.

Her prayers were answered. God had a bigger plan for Jill Taylor. He wanted to bless her and the scientific community with a better idea to reveal more about the human brain than that could be obtained by just cutting open human brains. He wanted her to live it and experience it herself.

What happens when the patient is a medical scientist specializing in the study of human brain and something actually happens to her brain?

That is exactly what happened to Dr. Jill Taylor. She woke up one day with a blood vessel in her brain ruptured. She was diagnosed with a type of stroke that could have easily killed her. Instead, she struggled with it for a long time and in the end came out of it stronger and more enlightened than before. She gained the type of knowledge from this experience that she could not have been able to obtain by cutting open dead brains. With her interesting and easy to understand writing style, Jill Taylor has been very successful in sharing this knowledge with her readers. This is a rare opportunity for all of us to better understand the most important organ of our body- our brain.