Symptoms of Diseases

Symptoms of diseases depend on a number of factors.

Symptoms of deaseses are actually the symptoms of the patients with the disease. As I have explaned in “Patient stories: learn from real patients”, the symptoms do not belong to the disease but belong to the patient with the disease.

Symptoms of diseases
Image courtesy of: National Kidney & Urologic Diseases Information Clearinghouse (NKUDIC)

Symptoms of diseases can not be just explained by a  list. All the symptoms of diseases listed below have very different manifestation in different patients. This is why it is very risky to self diagnose any disease just based on the the list of symptoms of diseases that you can find in the internet. Unfortunately, many different reputable websites try to help patients by giving them many different options to retrieve the list of symptoms of diseases. Many have developed computerized algorithm where where you type in the symptoms you are having and the computer will match your symptoms with the list of symptoms of diseases and suggest a diagnosis to you. In all these algorithms and software, they neglect one most important factor that is the cornerstone in making the right diagnosis and it is the patient factor. Without knowing the patient well, you can not analyze the symptoms of the patient. To try to explain the symptoms of diseases without talking about the patient is meaningless. Symptoms of diseases depend on the age, medical history, lifestyles and other personal and unique features of the patients.  The only way to understand the symptoms of diseases is to actually meet patients who have been diagnosed with these diseases and see for yourself. I have listed several different categories of symptoms and diseases here but it is not a list of symptoms of diseases. Each category has patient stories based on a real patients that I took care of in the hospital. As you read each one of these topics, you will meet and greet real patients who had the symptoms of these diseases. You will relate to them and learn symptoms of diseases as they happen in real life.

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