Why would you want to read “Symptoms and Diagnosis”?

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I know your time is valuable but please take a moment to read why you may find this book valuable, interesting and entertaining.

10 reasons you will enjoy this book
  1. It reads like a story book.
  2. It is written in plain English.
  3. It has 20 interesting and true medical stories.
  4. Each story reads like a medical thriller but is based on fact.
  5. Each story is carefully chosen to make you curious about a particular organ system in your body.
  6. Each story gives you useful medical knowledge after making you hungry for it.
  7. Each story makes you feel like a doctor.
  8. You will know how doctors think.
  9. You will learn to reason with your doctor and sound convincing.
  10. You will enjoy learning medical facts naturally without any effort.
10 reasons you may want to read this book
  1. You want to save lives of your loved ones by recognizing signs of medical distress.
  2. You google your symptoms when you get sick but find the result frustrating.
  3. You want to get useful in-depth medical knowledge far beyond what’s available on WebMD.
  4. You want to understand what your body is trying to tell you.
  5. You are worried that your doctor is not paying attention to your symptoms.
  6. You want to describe your symptoms in a way that grabs your doctor’s attention.
  7. You want to properly analyze your symptoms when you get sick.
  8. You want to promptly recognize warning signs of a serious illness when you get sick.
  9. You did not go to medical school but would like to understand how your body works.
  10. You want a user-friendly medical crash course that gives you life saving practical medical knowledge.
"Symptoms and Diagnosis" saves lives

I went into medical practice to save lives. There is nothing more important to me. However, there are times when I am helpless. There are times when it is too late to do anything. My medical expertise won’t save your life if you don’t recognize your distress signal and seek help. My medical expertise won’t save your life if you are unable to promptly convey a critical piece to information to the ER doctor.

“I can only save so many lives with my knowledge. However, I can save more lives by sharing my knowledge with you.”

That is why I have spent so much time and effort in the last few years to perfect a method to share useful life saving medical knowledge. I had to make it simple. I had to make it effortless. I had to make it interesting.  “Symptoms and Diagnosis: A storytelling medical book that may save your life” is the final product of my years of dedication and hard-work.

This book matters because saving lives matter.


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